House Guests

What is wrong with you? 你有什么问题。

If you want to be a J E R K, go ahead, I was never meant to be lonely and lose $ for the 6 months that I have known you. In fact you are the one that meets my standards outside of Houston and Singapore. Nobody I know meets it but you. We share a lot in common including friends, how could you just shut me out like that. You are not a corrupt person so do not act like one. I had my fair share of corrupt people and called it off with them. That other person you are with does jack s*** which makes you happy. I do a better job and exceed your expectations while that hater just meets it. I did everything right and gave 105%, he did not. 对不起,我喜欢你。Sorry I have to post this it is for my own good if you want me to move on. If you do not want me to visit give me your fair share AKA In person apology, time costs money

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